Leigh Fulwood is an artist living in the Seattle area.  She has studied art at Cornish College for the Arts, Gage Academy, and under numerous accomplished west coast painters.  She was born and raised in Mississippi, and has a degrees in literature from Ole Miss, a law degree from William and Mary, and a culinary degree from the Art Institute of Seattle.  After painting intermittently during a career as a successful lawyer, in 2017 she left her position as senior counsel of Costco and has focused exclusively on her art.  Well, almost.   

Leigh loves many things and believes Robert Henri was right, that to be an effective artist one must indulge fully in the world. She travels, often to remote or unusual destination, some of which show up in her work.  She loves food, and gardens and cooks  And she reads, forty or fifty books a year excluding art books.  She also loves her partner Mike and her dog Maisie, both of whom may make cameo appearances on this website.  

"I do my best work when I understand why a scene interests me.  Sometimes I do not know why I am drawn to a scene, but if I sit with an image that fascinates me the story will show itself.  There's the world you see, and the bigger world that supports it--the part that is below the surface, like an iceberg.

My subject matter can come from anything that catches my eye.  Because I like to spend time with my images before painting them, I usually work from photos and sketches.  I take a lot of photos of all kinds of things, then sort through them to see which ones want to become paintings.  Technical composition is important, of course, but without a story even the best composition is just a picture."


See some things that inspire Leigh.